Amtrak Auto Transport Vehicle Requirements

It’s one among the best ways that to urge each automotive and driver from purpose A to purpose B while not truly having to try to the driving yourself, however, few folks grasp the ins and outs of the Amtrak auto transport service. the very fact is that this mode of transportation takes lots of stress off those that square measure moving on the Japanese sea-coast and even those that simply need to vacation there.

Let’s speak a trifle regarding the service so we’ll get additional in-depth regarding Amtrak auto transport vehicle necessities.

amtrak auto transports

The Amtrak auto transport train runs between Lorton, Virginia, that is close to Washington, D.C., and Sandford, Florida, that is within the center of the American state. The trip takes just below seventeen hours and provides a full ton of perks on the approach. Passengers exploitation Amtrak auto transport service will chill and relax whereas the train will the traveling for them. As they do, they will make the most of many completely different coach choices and a few nice food and amusement on the approach.

While passengers can still be got to get their cars to and from the stations, the perks of this service square measure quite notable. the reality is that the service cuts time and trouble off the trip down the Japanese sea-coast and saves cars the wear and tear and tear of travel. once lodging, food, gas and wear and tear square measure all taken into consideration, besides headaches of driving, the service may be one amongst the additional economical ways that for each automotive and driver to travel, too.

While Amtrak auto transport may be a nice possibility for anyone moving or leisure on the East Coast to think about, there square measure some specific vehicle necessities. Not all automobiles square measure allowed aboard. the subsequent necessities apply:

  • Cars
    Most standard cars square measure welcome passengers on the Amtrak auto transport route. Vehicles, however, should not exceed a 65-inch height demand and that they got to have a minimum of four inches of ground clearance. bags racks square measure acceptable, as long as they’re empty and that they don’t build the vehicle exceed the 65-inch demand tall.

  • SUVs, vans
    These, too, square measure welcome aboard the train, however, they have to additionally meet specific size necessities. within the case of vans and SUVs, the wants on height square measure set between sixty-six and eighty-eight inches. bags racks that square measure empty square measure once more okay, however, they have to not bring the full height to quite the 88-inch measuring. Also, specific reservations should be created for these larger vehicles.


  • Motorcycles
    While it’d appear motorcycles would be a simple match, the Amtrak auto transport service will have some pretty specific necessities for these, as well. solely customary plant, two-wheeled bikes square measure allowed on the train. These motorcycles got to have a ground clearance of a minimum of five inches between the frame’s lowest purpose and also the bottom of the tires, too, the full height allotment for motorcycles is fifty seven.5 inches, windscreen, and every one. No sidecars square measure allowed.

Amtrak machine transport services may be excellent thanks to taking the effort and worry of creating an extended distance trek away. The train is employed by several for simply this reason, however, it is vital to creating positive vehicles match the wants declared before booking.

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